わが投資術 My Investment Strategy

I think this is a book by the author, Tatsuro Kiyohara. It’s not a book about how to invest, but rather about what Tatsuro Kiyohara has lived through.

I hope that people can live a happy life through investing. I thought it was a very interesting book.


河童のお皿の水が無くなっちゃう!ウインドしないと・・The water in the kappa’s plate is running out! If I don’t go to windsurfing.

The other day, I enjoyed windsurfing for the first time in a while. Slalom board 114 liters, sail 7.8, onshore, slightly under conditions.

The weather was nice and I enjoyed windsurfing in a pleasant environment that was neither cold nor hot. I was frustrated because I couldn’t windsurf for a while.

Sometimes windsurfers I meet at the beach take pictures of me. thank you.

I enjoyed windsurfing

真っ暗闇の中の雑草 Weeds in the dark.

The other day, I received a request from a long-time customer to install a weed control sheet. As the customer has gotten older, it has become difficult to weed his large garden.

I don’t dislike this type of work that is done quietly outside. However, the weeds look pitiful in the dark, where the sun doesn’t shine!


桜満開 そろそろウグイスの出番 Full bloom cherry blossoms, It’s almost time for the warbler to sing

The big cherry blossoms under my work room are in full bloom and are very beautiful. I enjoy the warm weather, and looking at the cherry blossoms makes me feel at peace. I’m looking forward to hearing the warblers’ calls soon.

The strong wind the other day caused some of the cherry blossoms to scatter, so I guess the best time to see them will be this week. I also enjoy windsurfing and have fun every day!


世界インフレ日本はこうなる What will happen to Japan due to global inflation?

I often watch Akira Ikegami’s commentary programs on TV. I also read several books by Akira Ikegami. His explanations are easy to understand and I can see things from many different angles.

I am surprised at how low prices and wages are in Japan compared to other countries around the world. I’m worried about Japan’s weakening yen.


強烈なオフショアブローの中でのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing in strong offshore blows

The other day I enjoyed windsurfing in strong offshore blows. The strongest winds were enough to lift the board. There were also some swells.

I enjoyed the thrill of windsurfing for the first time in a while. Fujiko-san, thank you for taking my video.

新年初のウェイブコンデションの中のウインドサーフィン Windsurfing in the first wave conditions of the new year

I enjoyed windsurfing yesterday in very warm and wave conditions. The sail was 5.0 and the board was 103 liters, just a sail.

By the way, the other day I saw a huge cargo sailing ship with sails on TV. I watched the sails rise and fall depending on the strength of the wind.

As someone who windsurfs, I realize how powerful the wind is. When I see that cargo sailing ship, I get excited about the energy of the future. I think it is a better energy than nuclear power, which is dangerous and cannot be controlled by humans.


新しいスポンサーチャイルドとの文通開始 Begin correspondence with new sponsored child

I started corresponding with my new sponsor child in the spring of this year. The child is a 13-year-old boy living in Ethiopia. According to a report from Plan International Japan, Ethiopia still faces many problems such as poverty, water, and sanitation. It has a particularly bad effect on children.

I hope that children will be able to freely imagine their own lives in a peaceful world. I’m also really looking forward to being able to talk to him about various things through letters!



フィット・フォー・ライフ Fit for life

I have read many books on health. I thought this book was quite unique. Author: Harvey Diamond and Marilyn Diamond. And it’s translated by Mamiko Matsuda.

I try the information I get from various books. And I open my ears to hear what my own body is saying. I believe that humans can be the healthiest by living in nature.


金利を見れば投資はうまくいく If you look at the interest rate, your investments will go well

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of news about interest rates. At that time, I was at a bookstore and saw the author: Masataka Horii’s book “If you look at the interest rate, your investments will go well” and I was interested in reading it.

I learned that interest rates have a big impact on the economy.