2週続けて御前崎でウインドサーフィン Windsurfing successively in Omaezaki for two weeks

I went to windsurf again in Omaezaki. I enjoyed it by sale 3.7 at the start, but some wind down and changed it to sale 4.0 afterwards. It was colder than last week on that day. But seawater temperature, outside temperature were still warm both.

When we returned, we were able to see the beautiful sunset.


御前崎でウインドサーフィン Windsurfing in Omaezaki

I enjoyed windsurfing at Omaezaki yesterday. Since doing this season, it was warm. I had a fun windsurfing by sale 4.0 and board 85l.

I had the person who went together instruct for me windsurfing on that day. I am glad that I make progress in by some oneself. And when I see the windsurfing of the good person, oneself learns it. I’m going to imitate them in next time. I want to still enjoy windsurfing safely.


風をつかまえた少年 The boy who harnessed the wind

When this kind of movie is seen, I feel that an ordinary life is always a very happy thing. And I thought of importance of getting education and importance of the thing which isn’t given up once more.

超一流の雑談力 The supreme chat power

I read a book of an author of Mr. Tadashi Yasuda “the supreme chat power”. I felt that a chat was the tool which can build trust with a customer when I was a salesman. When I understood, and came to like a customer, I thought a customer came to like me.

秋空の中でウインドサーフィン I went to windsurfing under the sky of autumn

I enjoyed windsurfing at the fine inside of feeling today. The sunlight was pleasant today and it was also warm for sea water, and water was clean and also floated on a seabird in a surface of the water much. I had fantastic time today. Thank you for taking my picture.


バスケットボールより少し大きいスズメ蜂の巣 Nest of a hornet a little bigger than basketball

今日、お客様からの依頼でスズメバチの巣を駆除しました。大きなドングリの木の上にすずめ蜂の巣が出来ていました。その雀蜂の巣の大きさはバスケットボールより少し大きいサイズでした。I exterminated a nest of a hornet by request from my customer today. There was on the top of big acorn tree. It’s a little bigger than basketball.
Children often come there to pick an acorn up. It was good for children didn’t get stung by a hornet.


入院されたお客様のお手伝い Customer’s hospitalized assistant

I helped a hospitalized customer today. When we get ill, we can’t usually be able any more to do.

Even if money is lost, we can earn again. But since losing health, we can do nothing. I thought all bases were healthy.


広いお庭の手入れ作業 Work in a wide garden

I kept to clean up for the customer’s garden postponed by long rain the other day. It was a little hard for work at a wide garden.

I got various drinks and snacks from a customer during work. The orange which got cold was very good of all others. I got a gift of beer and a snack from a customer on the way back. Thanks!