広いお庭の手入れ作業 Work in a wide garden

I kept to clean up for the customer’s garden postponed by long rain the other day. It was a little hard for work at a wide garden.

I got various drinks and snacks from a customer during work. The orange which got cold was very good of all others. I got a gift of beer and a snack from a customer on the way back. Thanks!


87歳からの起業 Bootstrapping from 87 years old

I was surprised to see the title of the book “Bootstrapping from 87 years old” at a bookstore and bought it, and read. I thought Yoshiji Iida of an author was very serious and was a sincere person.

I thought every life wasn’t too late.

プレイニングジャイブ Planing jibe

I enjoyed windsurfing yesterday. 6 years have passed since I began to go to windsurfing. I can be my windsurfing company, and have very fun time.

Some one took a video of my planing jive yesterday.

「空腹」こそ最強のクスリ “Hunger” is the strongest medicine.

I found that read this book. When I was very busy for my work, and I got rapturous in windsurfing, I didn’t have lunch. At such time, I found my body to have been reset for me.

I thought hunger was that man needs. So I increase hungry time, and I’ll test my body, I thought.

人生がときめく片付けの魔法 Magic of declutter by which a life exciting feelings

I read Miss. Marie Kondo’s book “Magic of declutter by which a life exciting feelings”. Before, I saw the TV program Miss. Marie Kondo works as a maid of declutter. So I was interested and read.

It was remembered for a long time, for me that she appreciates a thing, a house and a person importantly.

危機の時代 The Age of Crisis

I read a book of Jim Rogers “The Age of Crisis”. I thought I read a book of Jim Rogers before, and he was judging a matter from a peculiar eye.

I had two words remembered for a long time by words of Jim Rogers. “When it’s learned in history, when the business is aggravated, a war often occurs.” “A possibility that everything will be wrong in 15 years has the common sense thinking you’re proper now.”

I thought I doubted people’s common sense, collected information personally and thought by the head, and needed decision by myself.

久しぶりのウィンドサーフィン Windsurfing after a long time

I enjoyed windsurfing for one day today. I enjoyed wave windsurfing by a boat of 85 liters and a sale of 4.0 and after change 3.7 after about 1 month.

But I didn’t go windsurfing for about one month, so my physical strength down. And I was heartless. Miss Fujiko took a video of my riding windsurfing today. Thank you.

庭木の剪定 Trimming of a garden tree

Work of pruning of a garden tree continues recently for me. On this day, I could work at the fine inside of feeling.

Foreigner of my customer gave me coffee, green tea and a cold drink. It’s fun that I talk with him in English.


ジャングルのようなお庭の手入れ An unkempt garden like a jungle

I cared for a garden like a jungle. there are a lot of cut branch, leaf and weed.

I have a good sweat much by an abundant place and work naturally, and it’s refreshing in minds and bodies!


広い庭の草刈作業 Mowing in a wide garden

I mowed regular customer’s garden. A customer was moving here at not so long ago. The house was also big and the garden was also very wide, so mowing was serious.

I received tea from my customer many times. And I have finished sweating and mowing the grass much.