娘のバレイ発表会 Presentation of the ballet of my daughter.

I went to see the presentation of the ballet of my daughter the other day. My daughter learned a ballet since she was small. I see she improves whenever I see the presentation of my daughter every time. I hope to be able to release that my daughter likes it.

しかし、つま先だけで移動できるのは凄いと思います。But I thought that it was great that she could move only with a tiptoe.


まなの本棚 Miss Mana’s bookshelf

I read a book ‘Miss Mana’s bookshelf’ of Mana Ashida. I like books, too. However, she likes books surprisingly. She introduces various books in this book.

The book tells me a way of thinking or the various people’s way of life. And the book will show me the world that I didn’t know so far.

沖縄県宮古島にウインドサーフィンをしに行ってきました。 I went to windsurfing in Miyakojima, Okinawa-ken.

I enjoyed favorite of windsurfing all day. I was able to have time relaxed in the time when it stopped to delicious dishes.

We were hardly caught in the rain during a stay and were cloudy or fine weather. It was high in both the temperature and the seawater temperature for me and was not cold only with surf underwear at all.

There were few people and was a private beach sense. And it was ecstasy that I caught wind for a sale, and ran at full speed at the sea surface. A foreigner and a person not to know talked to me, and I talked with them in friendly very much.

I went to Okinawa Island and Kohamajima several times, but was the place where Miyakojima was very wonderful.

素敵なウインドサーフィン仲間 Wonderful windsurfing friend

I went to windsurfing with a favorite windsurfer the other day. It was an under wind for us, but we enjoyed for wind surfing of planing. As it is pleasant for the windsurfing to run with a good friend.

Miss Fujiko, always thank you for taking a photos!


空気を読む脳 The brain which senses circumstances

I read a book”the brain which senses circumstances” of Nobuko Nakano. It is the second book that I read this book. I hate to care about the situation of the circumference. Because I can’t make a right decision.

The mechanism of the human brain explains this book. It is really interested. The human brain is really mysterious.

ヒトは「いじめ」をやめられない As for the human being, “bullying” is not stopped

脳科学者の中野信子さんの著書「ヒトは「いじめ」をやめられない 」を読みました。イジメによる悲しいニュースが多く聞かれます。
I read a book of Nobuko Nakano of the scholar of brain science “As for the human being, “bullying” is not stopped”. I always see a lot of sad news by the bullying.

Nobuko Nakano of the scholar of brain science said that the bullying the program that was incorporated in brain because a human being lives. And she talks some one know the mechanism and about the method to stop bullying.

I hope that miserable news by the bullying disappears.

疲れない脳をつくる生活習慣 Lifestyle to make the brain which is not tired

I hear the word “mindfulness’s” well recently. I really wonder at the brain of the animal. The importance of the breathing, posture, sleep, meal are written in this book.

73歳のウィンドサーファー 73-year-old windsurfer

I enjoyed windsurfing yesterday. It was an offshore just sale of sale 7.8. I got out of the sea on the way and took a break a little in a beach. Then a windsurfer old got out of the sea and talked to me.

The person is with a 73 years old place when I have various talks. He go to windsurfing after finishing work at the Zaimokuza shore. He seemed to go windsurfing more than 30 years. And his run was also wonderful by windsurfing.

I thought that oneself was a still inexperienced child.

Thank you for taking a picture every time, Miss Fujiko.


サクラが開花し始めてとても綺麗です A cherry tree begins to flower and is very beautiful.

The big cherry tree which is bloomed under my workroom. A bush warbler didn’t singing for a while. But in this morning, a bush warbler singing. It is a climax in spring very warmly.


アンダーセールからオーバーセールのウィンドサーフィン Windsurfing of the sale for under to over.

I enjoyed windsurfing yesterday. The beginning, for a sale: 5.6 and a board: 100 L. It was the under sale.

However, it gradually became the just sale. And It became the oversale in the latter. I was going to change the sale 5.0, but stopped it. There was not already much time. And I enjoyed windsurfing again.

Thank you for taking a picture, Miss Fujiko.

鎌倉材木座海岸 in 24th March 2021