蜂の巣駆除まだまだ依頼 A bee hive extermination is still requested.

I did extermination work by request of a bee hive extermination from a customer of a corporation today. This company is at the place where many trees are abundant in wanton naturalness in the wide site. I receive a request of a bee hive extermination from this company every year. And It was requested of the 2nd time in this year.

If I arrived at this company, There is a nest of a hornet of about 30 cm of diameter at about 4 meters above the ground of a big tree. I thought it was pitiful to exterminate though a bee brought up a nest big. But people are going frequently to associate, so I have no choice to exterminate.


脳には妙な癖がある A brain is in the strange habit.

I read Mr. Yuji Iketani’s book “A brain is in the strange habit.” I think a human body is often astonishing. And there are also a lot of really strange things for a human brain at the inside.

People say there are health of a body and health of spirit, and that the man is really healthy. So the health of spirit is very important. For example when I force a smile even if it isn’t fun, it becomes fun. When I don’t begin also to have a mind to do, a mind to do comes out.

I think the brain is really strange.

健康チェック Healthy check

When I went shopping in a supermarket yesterday, there was a machine on which I can check healthily myself, so it was checked. I’m not taking medicine at all so far from young. I think it’s because I’m always taking care of myself.

◇血圧 The blood pressure
最高血圧(The mosthigh blood pressure):127
最低血圧(The most low blood pressure):80

◇血管偏差値 The blood vessel deviation value
年齢にふさわしい(The state suitable for the age)


◇心と身体のバランス Balance of heart and body
全体的に副交感神経が優位に働いており、リラックスした状態(The state that a parasympathetic nerve was working and relaxed predominantly overall)

健康チェック Healthy check

違った角度からのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing taken from the different angle

I borrowed the camera which can be installed in the point of a mast from a company of windsurfing and took a picture around autumn of last year. I borrowed and saw this image data the other day. And I thought I could take a picture quite interestingly at the seen angle.


竹村健一さんが死去 Mr. Kenichi Takemura dies

I was reading many books of Mr. Kenichi Takemura from the time when I was young. I think I undergo Mr. Kenichi Takemura’s influence hard. Mr. Kenichi Takemura didn’t go with the flow and he was always seeing a matter from front correctly.

Mr. Kenichi Takemura didn’t appear in a television any more, so I did think why recently. I pray that his soul may rest in peace.


50歳からは炭水化物をやめなさい Stop carbohydrates from 50 years old

I read many books of Mr. Kouichirou Fujita. And I’m taking the contents written on many Mr. Kouichirou Fujita’s books in my life. Thanks, I have time healthily every day.

I think it’s important for health to eat a natural food by the place where the past is abundant in the naturalness which has not been developed yet, relax and live.

スージークワトロのビデオで青春が蘇る My youth is revived by a video of Suzi Quatro.

I saw a video of Suzi Quatro and remembered the my past. When I lived in Kawasaki-city, and it’s the time I have begun to work for a company in Tokyo. I often went to a disco and a club of Roppongi and Shinjuku to dance with my company on Friday and Saturday every week.

When I’m young, it bring back a lot of sweet memories that most time was used for a dance and surfing.

廃棄食品 Disposal food

The food a use-by date approached. The food which was made in quantities as it didn’t finish selling. A packing box of a food was damaged a little. The shape of the vegetables and the fish and the size are nonstandard. The food we can’t finish eating is bought…A great deal of foods are thrown away. That’s very regrettable.

先日、ホームページ「Reduce GO」を知りました。Reduce GOは飲食店や飲食の小売店の余剰食品で廃棄するものを、それらを必要とする人に渡して食品ロスを削減するプラットフォームです。近くの飲食店やカフェ、ベーカリーなどのお店で、残ってしまいそうな余剰食品を月会費で手に入れることが出来ます。
I found a website “Reduce GO” the other day. “Reduce GO” is the platform where something to dispose for a surplus food from restaurant and retail store of eating and drinking is handed to a person who needs that and a food loss is reduced. You can get the surplus food which seems left by monthly fee at a restaurant, a cafe and a store, a bakery around here.

Reduce GOはまだまだ対応地域が東京で少ないですが、どんどんとこのようなシステムが広がれば良いと思います。
An area to which “Reduce GO” corresponds is still only Tokyo. So I think such system should spread.


By the way, even if a use-by date breaks, I eat. It’s judged by the smell of the food and the color.


一切なりゆき Total consequence

I read a book of Kirin Kiki, the actress “Total consequence”. I also saw her TV drama and movie variously. But her book was read for the first time.

I read her book, and thought she had strong faith, and she is Strong lady. I thought she was the person who catches and thinks a matter from the front without being poured into the turn. I was quite impressed with her movie seen so far and this book.

ブルークラッシュ Blue Crush

I saw a movie of surfing “blue crash”. It’s a movie of riding the waves in North Shore in Hawaii Oahu. When I watch a movie of surfing, I’m very excited. And when I drop in to the sheer and steep wave and running during a wave, I feel an ecstasy.

The story was also refreshing and I was enjoy without a logic because I was seeing.