なんで家族を続けるの? Why do you continue a family?

This book is a talk of Yayako Uchida of a daughter of Kirin Kiki and Yuya Uchida and Nobuko Nakano of the brain specialist. I read several books of Nobuko Nakano was so far, but read the book of Yayako Uchida for the first time.

Various lives, I thought that there was the style of various families.

なんで家族を続けるの? 内田 也哉子 中野 信子


Rain continues recently, and a request of the yard work is prolonged, therefore yard work continues. I like this work of the weeding and garden tree pruning. I like this work to be involved in with soil and grass, a tree.


インフレ不可避の世界 The world of the inflation inevitability

I read this “world of the inflation inevitability” of Atsuhito Sawakami. I read the article of Sawakami with the magazines several times, but read the book for the first time.

Japan has low interest rate for a long time, and lower wage than the developed countries. And Japan has a debt much. Prices rise and are very anxious about me recently when it may come to be written on this book.

インフレ不可避の世界 澤上 篤人

サウンドオブミュージック Sound of music

I watched movie “sound of music”. I watched 5 or 6 times by now. It is the movie that a splendid singing voice, the beautiful Nature, humanity are very comfortable. And war invading from the latter half approaches.

The war destroys all. I strongly think that the human being can find happiness very much if I can spend time like the first half of this movie.

サウンドオブミュージック DVD

がんで往くのも、まあいいか It is good to die of a cancer

I read a book “Well, it is good to die of a cancer” of Yoshiaki Sugiura. A person working as a doctor suffers from a cancer and talks about his life. A person, the life when live long even if it is for a person, a cancer spending the short life for a cancer each.

Nobody knows when the human being dies. Therefore I am going to do own thing that I want to do while I live.


春一番のウインドサーフィン Windsurfing of the strong wind of the spring beginning

I enjoyed windsurfing at the first in the spring of this year. It was very happy for me, because I had a good weather and very warmly, windy, good wave. I chose sale 4.5, board 85 L, and It was a considerably oversale in the latter half.

Thank you for taking my video again, Minami. However, it is great that you can take my video in that strong wind and wave.

風速30ノットのウエイブコンディション Wave condition in wind speed of 30 knots

I enjoyed windsurfing yesterday. It was sale 3.7, board 85 liters, and the condition was wave condition of the just sale. I forgot to have lunch because It was too fun for me.

Thank you for always taking photographs

風速30ノットのウエイブコンディション Wave condition in wind speed of 30 knots

ウインドサーフィン中のハプニング Incident of the whole windsurfing

I enjoyed the last windsurfing this year today. However, I find the windsurfer who floated in the offing when I enjoyed surfing. So I went to near the windsurfer, and I saw him, but he didn’t give a sign of rescue to me.

As he was still floating, I went to the near to him and called out to him in a few minutes. Then a joint loosened, and a boat and a sale were not connected. So I connected a board and a sale with him and got out of trouble.

It was enough safely today as there were few people and was offshore!

ペルソナ 脳に潜む闇 Persona Darkness to hide behind in brain

I read a book of Nobuko Nakano again. I read a book of several Nobuko Nakano so far. And I thought that the brain was really mysterious.

This book said until now from childhood of her own. It was a very interesting book.

久しぶりのウェーブコンディション Wave condition after so long

I enjoyed windsurfing in wave condition after so long the other day. I had much slalom condition recently at the sea surface of the flat. And I was excited when I touched a wave sale and the board after so long. I felt the power of the wave and wind became the ecstasy.

Thanks for shooting my video, Minami-chan. Let’s enjoy windsurfing together again.