ブルークラッシュ Blue Crush

I saw a movie of surfing “blue crash”. It’s a movie of riding the waves in North Shore in Hawaii Oahu. When I watch a movie of surfing, I’m very excited. And when I drop in to the sheer and steep wave and running during a wave, I feel an ecstasy.

The story was also refreshing and I was enjoy without a logic because I was seeing.

やりたいことをやれ Do wanting to do.

I read Mr. Soichiro Honda’s book “Do wanting to do.” Mr. Soichiro Honda has an image as Mr. stubborn father in Showa for me. When I finished reading this book, I felt something hot.

When I was young, I was absorbed in a motorcycle and rode various motorcycles. HONDA CB750 was my favorite motorcycle for long time. And Honda is making an airplane now. I think it’s wonderful.

ウインドサーフィンの道具を流してしまった! My set of windsurfing item was lost.

When I went windsurfing the other day, I fail in a water starter and have got away from my hand. Then it was fanned by strong wind of offshore, and it was soared. I rushed and swam to take that. But that flowed to the offing suddenly.

But I judged that I won’t be in time any more and swam to the land reversely this time. I swam for about 40 minutes and arrived to the land. And my company had them search a ship for it, but it wasn’t found. I gave up, took a shower and was changing the clothes. Then when a moving yacht found and kept that at the offing, they called me.

That I have to be careful enough when it’s blowy offshore, it was fully realized once more. And I have caused trouble to many people. I’m truly sorry!


引越しで出た不用品の処分の手伝い Help the trash go out

I help to dispose of the trash which has gone out at a move. It’s five-story apartment, without the elevators to which now is uncommon. It was hard for me. Of course, a customer was satisfied. It’s a nice view.


山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path

I cleaned a mountain path this year too. I request this work in January every year from my customer. It was also snowing a little very coldly on this day. But when I was working, my body became warm immediately.

And it was pleasant that I’m going down the way which became clean from a mountain top.


不用品処分お手伝い Disused article disposal help

I requested work of trash disposal from a customer. It was a house of trash, because there was trash to the height of the lower back. I separated trash and put it in a garbage bag, and it was carried to a municipal refuse incinerator with a customer.

I was worried that a customer got ill if a customer lived here like before. I wished that a customer starts a new life at a clean house.


ウインドサーフィンのプレーニングジャイブ Planing jive of windsurfing

My friend of windsurfing recorded my planing jive on tape the other day. I got this video DVD at a new-year’s party.

It was 1 month ago, but I didn’t know the thing at all. But I might be able to check the form of my planing jive. Thank you very much really.

久しぶりに御前崎でウインドサーフィン Windsurfing in Omaezaki beach after a long time

I went windsurfing and enjoy at Omaezaki beach after a long time. First, It was just wind by a sale 4.0. But the second half, It was on over sale. On this day, I couldn’t sail against the wind well. I had a hard time with whether it was the purpose after a long time whether a flow was right purpose.

On this day, when windsurfing couldn’t be enjoyed enough, I fully realized that a riding position can’t be maintained once more. I will practice more in order to run to windward by windsurfing.


ペットのお世話 Pet sitter

I requested a pet sitter from the customer associating lengthily today. Because my customer isn’t well, so I took a walk with this dog.

I meet this dog, and long time has passed. So this dog is an old dog. But this dog is well. And this dog tasted whole my face during a walk in an hour. I’m liked by only an animal.

ペットのお世話 Pet sitter
ペットのお世話 Pet sitter

つけたいところに最速で筋肉をつける技術 The technology which can thrust at muscle with the fastest

Health is important to me. I read a book about the health in which I take an interest much. I think muscle is very important healthily. So I read this book.

An important thing is written on this book variously about muscle.