久しぶりのセール3.4使用 Using Sale 3.4 after a long time

I enjoyed windsurfing today. It was a very warm day even though it was late November. Today I had fun with a sail 3.4 and 72 liter board for the first time in a while. Thank you Fujiko-san for taking the video and photos.

By the way, there are fewer beaches on the Zaimokuza coast. I think the sand on the beach is being scraped away little by little. There are many places like this on other coasts as well. Compared to when I started surfing about 45 years ago, a considerable amount of coastline has disappeared.


気持ちも気温もホットなウインドサーフィン Windsurfing in a hot heart and temperature

The other day, I enjoyed windsurfing onshore in wave conditions! The sail was 4.5, the board was 87 liters, and the wind went up and down rapidly from oversail to just sail to undersail.

Even though it was November, it was hot and I was sweating. Also, the sea water temperature was abnormally high. I was so worried about the Earth being destroyed!

Windsurfing in a hot heart and temperature

非正規介護職員ヨボヨボ日記 Diary of a non-regular care worker

This was a very interesting book without any logic. And I realized that the job of caring for the elderly is extremely difficult. I also felt the kindness and humanity of the author, Gou Mayama.

It felt like I was peeking behind the scenes at a nursing home.


ロイヤルホームセンター購入「丸山製作所製 草刈機」保証の有無に関わらず見積り費用発生

先日、ロイヤルホームセンターで買ったばかりの「丸山製作所製 草刈機」のエンジンがかからず、ロイヤルホームセンターに持ち込んだ時の対応をロイヤルホームセンターのホームページに投稿(レビュー クチコミ)しましたが掲載されることはありませんでした。


2023年9月2日に「丸山製作所 BIG-M エンジン刈払機 BC260T」と専用混合ガソリンを購入して2週間後ぐらいに使用しました。しかし次の日に使おうとしたらエンジンがかかりません。1日置きに5日間試しましたがかかりませんでした。この草刈り機は3台めですが初めての経験でした。

プーチンの破滅戦争 Putin’s Ruinous War

I believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is absolutely unforgivable. The killing of children, women and civilians in airstrikes targeting hospitals and schools is unacceptable. Russia has killed and kidnapped children from many other countries. This is absolutely unacceptable.

私はこの本からニュースなどで知ることが出来ない出来事を多く知ることが出来ました。そして、私はこれらの残虐な出来事をいろいろなメディアを通して世界中の人々に知らせることも必要だと思いました。Through this book, I was able to learn many things that I could not find out about through the news. I also thought it necessary to let people all over the world know about these atrocious events through various media.


自由への手紙 A letter to freedom

I read a book by author Audrey Tan. I have known Audrey Tan for a long time. I had the impression that he was smart. I was impressed with his many free ideas for becoming freedom. Also, I thought he was a very human being.

自由への手紙 A letter to freedom

捨てられる日本 Abandoned Japan

I used to think that Japan could boast to the world of its technological and economic power. However, in recent years, I feel that Japan’s power is declining. At that time, I became interested in Jim Rogers’s book “Abandoned Japan” and read it. I’ve read a few of his books and have seen things from many different angles.

I hope that Japan will become a country that the children of the future can be proud of.

捨てられる日本 世界3大投資家が見通す戦慄の未来

「買い方」を変えたら、人生が変わった! Changing “how to buy”, change my life!

I have no desire to buy most things. But Windsurfing items are different. Because I love windsurfing. I saw Satoko Higuchi’s book, bought it and read it. I thought that there are people with various thoughts.


超インフレ時代の「お金の守り方」 “How to protect money” in the era of hyperinflation

藤巻健史さんの書籍を読みました。「超インフレ時代の「お金の守り方」 円安ドル高はここまで進む」。私は急激な円安を心配しています。以前は世界に誇れることが多かった日本がだんだんと衰弱していくように感じています。私は日本がもっと本質を捉えて成長して欲しいです。
I read a book by Takeshi Fujimaki.”How to protect money” in the era of hyperinflation Will the Yen Depreciation Against the Dollar Go This Far? I’m worried about the rapid depreciation of the yen. I feel that Japan, which used to boast to the world, is gradually weakening. I want Japan to capture the essence and grow.

超インフレ時代の「お金の守り方」 円安ドル高はここまで進む