引越しで出た不用品の処分の手伝い Help the trash go out

I help to dispose of the trash which has gone out at a move. It’s five-story apartment, without the elevators to which now is uncommon. It was hard for me. Of course, a customer was satisfied. It’s a nice view.


山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path

I cleaned a mountain path this year too. I request this work in January every year from my customer. It was also snowing a little very coldly on this day. But when I was working, my body became warm immediately.

And it was pleasant that I’m going down the way which became clean from a mountain top.


不用品処分お手伝い Disused article disposal help

I requested work of trash disposal from a customer. It was a house of trash, because there was trash to the height of the lower back. I separated trash and put it in a garbage bag, and it was carried to a municipal refuse incinerator with a customer.

I was worried that a customer got ill if a customer lived here like before. I wished that a customer starts a new life at a clean house.


ペットのお世話 Pet sitter

I requested a pet sitter from the customer associating lengthily today. Because my customer isn’t well, so I took a walk with this dog.

I meet this dog, and long time has passed. So this dog is an old dog. But this dog is well. And this dog tasted whole my face during a walk in an hour. I’m liked by only an animal.

ペットのお世話 Pet sitter
ペットのお世話 Pet sitter

門扉の補修修理 Repairing and reinforcement at the gate

When I had arrived at my customer home today, a gate broke and came off. I repaired and reinforced a broken gate.

I made parts again, reinforced, adjusted opening and shutting and painted. It was fine today and warmly, I enjoyed work. And a customer was very glad.


ソファーを2階へ吊り上げ A sofa is lifted on the 2nd floor

We lifted a sofa by a rope in the 2nd floor of the independent house and carried it in today. It was because a sofa was too big and didn’t pass through the stairs and the door.

I sometimes have such request. I like this work fairly, because that is fun for me. I see the environment of the size, the weight, the shape, the shape of the house and the turn that it’s lifted and something to hinder. And I consider the solution method.

I’m happy that a customer can have them be glad for work to end.


経験したことがない酷暑の中での作業 I had not worked in severe heat so far.

The company requested that trim the plant of the roof in a company the other day. A roof in a building was the ultra heat I have not experienced up to now. The concrete jungle where it has almost no earth was a heat wave really!


山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path

I cleaned a mountain path today. This cleaning of mountain is done in January every year, but I worked today this year. Because the snow was left without melting in a mountain.

It was a little cold in the morning, but when I was working, a body became warm immediately. I could clean comfortably in the clear sky. If I returned to the base and drank spring water, it was very good.

山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path
山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path

庭のお手入れ Yard maintenance

The tree in customer’s garden developed to a roof and wire the other day, and a customer commissioned me to prune.

A grandmother lived there by herself before. But After she had died, a garden started to be a jungle. First I couldn’t go to the inside in a garden.

I was asked the grandmother’s daughter who lives at the other. An old person of living alone became very much for our customer recently.

庭の手入れ Yard maintenance

犬のペットシッター Pet sitter of a dog

I’m looking after the customer’s pet dog which is under care for nearly 19 years during the New Year holiday. But the dog was a senile one, and an eye wasn’t seen any more at all.

The dog has an appetite and when I don’t also make the hollow a walk, he is crashed, but he walk vigorously. He’s still fine. But he doesn’t run so that it may fly like young time.

It’s same as the time when he’s young that he doesn’t get away with me.

犬のペットシッター Pet sitter of a dog