ウインドサーフィン三昧 Windsurfing paradise

A few days ago it was windy and I enjoyed a lot of windsurfing. My body was hard, but my heart was full of ecstasy. Miss Fujiko, thank you as always!

寒くても雨でも風さえあれば楽しい Whether it’s cold or rainy, it’s fun as long as there’s wind.

寒くても雨でも風さえあれば楽しい Whether it’s cold or rainy, it’s fun as long as there’s wind.

It was cold back in winter today. And cold rain…. But as long as there is wind, windsurfing makes me to ecstasy! Today was such a fun day!

Miss Fujiko, thank you for always taking pictures of me!


寒かったけど綺麗な海でウインドサーフィン Though it was cold today, I enjoyed windsurfing in the beautiful sea.

I sometimes had planing with sale 7.8, board 114 L and enjoyed windsurfing today. It was the beautiful sea which was clear to the bottom of the sea today. This seasonal sea changes very beautiful color.

Thank you for taking my video, Minami. Why don’t you enjoy windsurfing with me agein!

春一番のウインドサーフィン Windsurfing of the strong wind of the spring beginning

I enjoyed windsurfing at the first in the spring of this year. It was very happy for me, because I had a good weather and very warmly, windy, good wave. I chose sale 4.5, board 85 L, and It was a considerably oversale in the latter half.

Thank you for taking my video again, Minami. However, it is great that you can take my video in that strong wind and wave.

風速30ノットのウエイブコンディション Wave condition in wind speed of 30 knots

I enjoyed windsurfing yesterday. It was sale 3.7, board 85 liters, and the condition was wave condition of the just sale. I forgot to have lunch because It was too fun for me.

Thank you for always taking photographs

風速30ノットのウエイブコンディション Wave condition in wind speed of 30 knots

ウインドサーフィン中のハプニング Incident of the whole windsurfing

I enjoyed the last windsurfing this year today. However, I find the windsurfer who floated in the offing when I enjoyed surfing. So I went to near the windsurfer, and I saw him, but he didn’t give a sign of rescue to me.

As he was still floating, I went to the near to him and called out to him in a few minutes. Then a joint loosened, and a boat and a sale were not connected. So I connected a board and a sale with him and got out of trouble.

It was enough safely today as there were few people and was offshore!

久しぶりのウェーブコンディション Wave condition after so long

I enjoyed windsurfing in wave condition after so long the other day. I had much slalom condition recently at the sea surface of the flat. And I was excited when I touched a wave sale and the board after so long. I felt the power of the wave and wind became the ecstasy.

Thanks for shooting my video, Minami-chan. Let’s enjoy windsurfing together again.

久しぶりのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing after a long absence

I enjoyed windsurfing after a long absence the other day. I enjoyed windsurfing enough more than usual on that day. Because I was not able to go to the sea for a long time.

Wind was not stable on that day, and ups and downs was intense. And I thought that windsurfing was really fun. (Thank you for taking my photograph)


沖縄県宮古島にウインドサーフィンをしに行ってきました。 I went to windsurfing in Miyakojima, Okinawa-ken.

I enjoyed favorite of windsurfing all day. I was able to have time relaxed in the time when it stopped to delicious dishes.

We were hardly caught in the rain during a stay and were cloudy or fine weather. It was high in both the temperature and the seawater temperature for me and was not cold only with surf underwear at all.

There were few people and was a private beach sense. And it was ecstasy that I caught wind for a sale, and ran at full speed at the sea surface. A foreigner and a person not to know talked to me, and I talked with them in friendly very much.

I went to Okinawa Island and Kohamajima several times, but was the place where Miyakojima was very wonderful.

素敵なウインドサーフィン仲間 Wonderful windsurfing friend

I went to windsurfing with a favorite windsurfer the other day. It was an under wind for us, but we enjoyed for wind surfing of planing. As it is pleasant for the windsurfing to run with a good friend.

Miss Fujiko, always thank you for taking a photos!