カテゴリー別アーカイブ: 波乗り

極寒の中でのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing at the frigid inside

I went windsurfing today. It was snowing in the morning. When I having arrived at a sea, it was a sprinkle of a sleet mixture.

It was just wind and sometime over sail for 7.1 sail. It was very cold but it was very fun time!

極寒の中でのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing at the frigid inside

本栖湖でウインドサーフィン Windsurfing at Motosu Lake.

We enjoyed windsurfing at Motosu Lake the other day. It was also very fine also the ideal wind was blowing to go windsurfing. And a planing at a flat surface of the water was also a pleasant sensation.

Many windsurfers were enjoying windsurfing, because it was Saturday on the day and the good wind was blowing. We ate Houtou of Japanese traditional dish, and returned to the way home.


久しぶりに大磯海岸で波乗り I went surfing at Oiso beach after such a long time.

I finished work today and went surfing by Oiso coast. The wave size downed a little from yesterday, but surfing could be enjoyed for about 3 hours by a wave size which is about a stomach or waist.

It was really after a long time to surf at Oiso, and I was be accosted by several surfers. When I was changing into a wet suit first, a old boy of surfing has spoken to me. And 3 surfers spoke to me at a sea. And when I changed my clothes came back my car, and a old boy has spoken to me.

It’s because I was not go surfing at Oiso in a long time while.



台風スウェルで波乗りをエンジョイ!I was enjoy for surfing in typhoon swell!

I enjoyed riding the waves for about 2 hours between work today. Some waves of a typhoon came in beautifully by a set without effect of a wind. So I enjoyed surfing by a powerful wave.

I’d like to make a good windsurfing early. So windsurfing makes me more important than surfing. But surfing can be enjoyed easily by only one board. And it’s a pleasant sensation to drop in the wave as like sashay down slopes.


楽しいウインドサーフィン Fan and fan of windsurfing

My friend took the picture going my windsurfing the other day. It has passed for 3 years and a half since I began windsurfing this month. It was fun and fun. And 3 years and a half have passed suddenly.

When I was to going a first planing of windsurfing, I felt wonderful surprise and the pleasant sensation which can’t be expressed. A board does a lift only by the power of the wind, and It run through surface of the sea only by a fin so that like slip. There was no experience which is its state for me, so it seemed that all over the my body was wrapped in an ecstasy.

Now, being no accidents safely for me, I go windsurfing.


サイパンでウインドサーフィン Enjoyed for windsurfing in Saipan.

I went to Saipan to go windsurfing last week. The morning on the 1st day was a weak wind. But other 3 days were a very good wind, and we could enjoy windsurfing very much.

A sea and a coast are very beautiful in Saipan. When I was doing a planing of windsurfing, It’s makes me in an ecstasy. Forever, I thought I’d like to keep running.When I ran and went out to the offing for a while, the color of the sea changed to the cobalt color. I was moved and dived from a boat into a sea unconsciously. I was looking at the scenery of the others for a few minutes.

But opening is constructing in March in Saipan, there was a big hotel strangely. I thought it was incongruous in Saipan at the hotel where a casino is also here. I hope not to destroy beautiful nature of sea and coast in Saipan.



テレビに映っている! I can to see myself on a TV!




I heard that I can to see myself on a TV from a friend of windsurfing. His father who can to see on a TV together, too. It’s surprise really!

3 years will pass since I began to go windsurfing next month exactly. When beginning to go windsurfing, I was buying a magazine of windsurfing for a bookseller. But magazines of windsurfing weren’t sold. I thought windsurfing was an unpopular sport. Will popularity come out for windsurfing now or..?

The 2nd windsurfer is me on the right. The first windsurfer is his father on the right.