60歳からはやりたい放題 Let’s set a favorite thing from 60 years old

I read a book “Let’s set a favorite thing from 60 years old” of Hideki Wada. This is the second book. The person may really lose sight of an important thing for conventional custom and common sense.

Hideki Wada is talking about the human body and mental health for the present medical thing and total now. I think that he is precise, and I see things for sharp eyes.


スタンフォード式最高の睡眠 The Stanford Method for Ultimate Sound Sleep

When I always go to the bed, I sleep in several minutes. And I bought this book and read, because I want to have the best sleep.

It seems to be full not to know the sleep medicine yet. I want to try what is written in this book for better sleep.


人は話し方が9割 As for the person, speech is 90%

本屋さんの棚にお勧めしていた本で、著者:永松 茂久さんの「人は話し方が9割」を購入して読みました。相手に何かを伝える時に相手を思い遣り、相手の立場になって話すことの重要性を再確認しました。
I found a recommended book in a bookstore. And I bought a book of author Shigehisa Nagamatsu “As for the person, speech is 90%” and read. When I told other person something, I thought that it was important to think of consideration and the feeling of the other person.

I have good for me, thought that it was the wonderful life if could communicate.


免疫力が上がるアルカリ性体質になる食べ方 How to eat to become the alkaline constitution that immunity improves

I read a book”How to eat to become the alkaline constitution that immunity improves” of Kazuo Komine. He strongly says that it becomes healthy if a human body becomes alkaline. Let’s be careful now in the society as the human body is easy to become acid.

I thought that he talked about health from bit different angles. I intend to challenge it with some what is written in this book.


50歳を過ぎたら高田純次のように生きよう Let’s live like Junji Takada if over 50 years old

I read a book “Let’s live like Junji Takada if over 50 years old” of Junji Takada. I read his several books before.

Many people call him an irresponsible man. However, I think that he has much knowledge. He is loved by many people. And he has a technique to make a person laugh exquisitely. When a person laughs, I think that I find happiness and becomes healthy.


70歳が老化の分かれ道 70 years old is a forked road of the aging

I watched a program of Hideki Wada on TV. And I was interested and bought that book.

It is often wrong to have been said that it is right so far about health. And it is necessary to think by oneself, and to select which is right.


九十歳。何がめでたい 90 years old. What is happy?

I read a book “90 years old. What is happy?” of Aiko Sato. It is the second book that I read this book. It was the same and was interesting, and I have laughed when I read last time. And I thought that she saw things precisely.


なんで家族を続けるの? Why do you continue a family?

This book is a talk of Yayako Uchida of a daughter of Kirin Kiki and Yuya Uchida and Nobuko Nakano of the brain specialist. I read several books of Nobuko Nakano was so far, but read the book of Yayako Uchida for the first time.

Various lives, I thought that there was the style of various families.

なんで家族を続けるの? 内田 也哉子 中野 信子

インフレ不可避の世界 The world of the inflation inevitability

I read this “world of the inflation inevitability” of Atsuhito Sawakami. I read the article of Sawakami with the magazines several times, but read the book for the first time.

Japan has low interest rate for a long time, and lower wage than the developed countries. And Japan has a debt much. Prices rise and are very anxious about me recently when it may come to be written on this book.

インフレ不可避の世界 澤上 篤人

がんで往くのも、まあいいか It is good to die of a cancer

I read a book “Well, it is good to die of a cancer” of Yoshiaki Sugiura. A person working as a doctor suffers from a cancer and talks about his life. A person, the life when live long even if it is for a person, a cancer spending the short life for a cancer each.

Nobody knows when the human being dies. Therefore I am going to do own thing that I want to do while I live.