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大好きな春到来 The spring I like very much coming here.

I heard the bleat of the Japanese nightingale every morning from several days before. The floral bud of a cherry tree was being also full. Now or now, they seem to be waiting eagerly to bloom.

I like spring and autumn very much, because it isn’t also cold and hotly. A sport of Surfing and Windsurfing in a sea is the season which can be enjoyed.

I saw fascinating cloud the other day, so a picture was taken.


山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path

I cleaned a mountain path today. This cleaning of mountain is done in January every year, but I worked today this year. Because the snow was left without melting in a mountain.

It was a little cold in the morning, but when I was working, a body became warm immediately. I could clean comfortably in the clear sky. If I returned to the base and drank spring water, it was very good.

山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path
山道の掃除 Cleaning the mountain path

手を洗いすぎてはいけない Don’t wash a hand too much

藤田紘一郎さんの新しい著書「手を洗いすぎてはいけない 超清潔志向が人類を滅ぼす」が発売されていたので購入して読みました。藤田紘一郎さんの書籍は「笑うカイチュウ 寄生虫博士奮闘記」(1994年9月20日発行)からいろいろと愛読致しました。
Kouichirou Fujita’s new book “Don’t wash a hand too much. Oriented super-cleanness destroyed the mankind.” was sold, so I was bought and read. I loved to read his book with several copies of “the roundworm which laughs Parasite doctoral struggle” (It was issued on September 20, 1994.).

I was quite moved by a way of thinking about the health derived from Kouichirou Fujita’s long research result. I thought the life which lived was most happy and healthily while old people were natural.

The medicated soap with the strong detergency, anti-fungus agent and disinfectant were used by cleanness-oriented overdoing. And bug spray was used too much for the bacteria and the cockroach, the insect kinds which have no necessity to kill. Agricultural chemicals are used for the agriculture now in quantities, and ground is polluted.

Those hurt human health and the environment of the earth and the other animals and plants which are destroyed also live in the earth suffer the damage.

I think the man who lives in the earth and animals and plants can live happily and healthily only in the nature.

「まーちゃんのちょっと素敵なWeb Shop」がリニューアルオープン! A redesigned web shop of Machan with goods.

長い間お休みしていましたが、お店をここで再開致します。更に使い易くなりウインドショッピングをお楽しみ頂けると思います。Pay palやクレジットカードも使えるようになりました。また、スタートしたばかりなので、システムの不具合やサーバーエラーなどがございましたら、大変お手数ですがご連絡を頂けると幸いです。
I was absent from a store for a long time, but it’ll resume. This web shop which became easy to use, so a wind shopping can be enjoyed. And Pay pal and a credit card could also be used now. It has just started, so if there are a defect of a system and a server error, please tell me.

Goods will be placed on a store a little now. It becomes better, so please expect it. Thank you.

まーちゃんのちょっと素敵なWeb Shop」(別ページで表示)


極寒の中でのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing at the frigid inside

I went windsurfing today. It was snowing in the morning. When I having arrived at a sea, it was a sprinkle of a sleet mixture.

It was just wind and sometime over sail for 7.1 sail. It was very cold but it was very fun time!

極寒の中でのウインドサーフィン Windsurfing at the frigid inside

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SSL通信(Secure Socket Layer)は、送信するデータを第三者に盗聴されてもデータの内容をわからないようにするために、データを暗号化してから通信(https)しています。
This website data is coded for the communication.(https)

We appreciate your continued support.


庭のお手入れ Yard maintenance

The tree in customer’s garden developed to a roof and wire the other day, and a customer commissioned me to prune.

A grandmother lived there by herself before. But After she had died, a garden started to be a jungle. First I couldn’t go to the inside in a garden.

I was asked the grandmother’s daughter who lives at the other. An old person of living alone became very much for our customer recently.

庭の手入れ Yard maintenance

リンゴの花が咲いたあと After a flower of apple bloomed.

I knew Mr. Akinori Kimura who is to cultivating apple without agricultural chemicals and fertilizer. I bought the book of “After a flower of apple bloomed” and read an interest more than before.

The contents which completely reaped no harvest and walked the suffering way for nearly 10 years were written on the book until perfect organic made fertilizer-less apple cultivation succeed. I was surprised what he has really wonderful faith.

I thought the earth and man were polluted, if we kept using agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer, written on a book.

犬のペットシッター Pet sitter of a dog

I’m looking after the customer’s pet dog which is under care for nearly 19 years during the New Year holiday. But the dog was a senile one, and an eye wasn’t seen any more at all.

The dog has an appetite and when I don’t also make the hollow a walk, he is crashed, but he walk vigorously. He’s still fine. But he doesn’t run so that it may fly like young time.

It’s same as the time when he’s young that he doesn’t get away with me.

犬のペットシッター Pet sitter of a dog

夏の庭 The Friends

This movie starts from the place where the odd fellow’s aged people who live in the neighborhood children seem to die soon where (Mr Kihachi:Mikuni Rentarou) are observed.

But an exchange of aged people and children starts gradually, and they become familiar. I was seeing the exchange with warm heart of children and aged people, and a heart calmed down very much.