Handy man service of The Shonan helpers

Handy man service of Hiratsuka-city Sincere, kind, charge of reasonable


The 18th anniversary of a utility man!

Business area

Work scenery of utility-man service operations

Kanagawa-ken Hiratsuka-city, Oiso-twon, Ninomiya-twon, Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city, Atsugi-city. Since the area which can be accepted changes with work content, please consult.

★ Customer service Please call the customer service to us now.

Telephone number:0463-32-0681

Descriptive pamphlet

“it was troubled but such a thing — where it should ask?” “it is heavy and cannot move! where it should ask for the collection disposal of furniture, a household appliance, and a bulky waste which became unnecessary!” “my personal computer is bad! “I want you to help cleaning” “etc”

— An example of utility-man business —
Cleaning / Room clearing-up / Unnecessary article bulky waste collection disposal / weeding / The general housekeeping vicarious execution / Assembly-health appliances bought with mail order/ Personal computer setup / Gardening / Turn row / Shopping vicarious execution /Visit-to-a-grave vicarious execution / Nest extermination of a bee / Reformation and repair of a house / The trouble of water / House cleaning / air-conditioner cleaning / ventilation fan cleaning / kitchen, a bath, and a toilet cleaning / Heavy labor /Cleaning of the droppings of a pigeon / pigeon guard net attachment / Move furniture / Move help / Watch in a vacant house / Senior citizen’s watch / obituary gift is sent to a funeral hall / The check of the announcements of test results of a university / Pet sitter / Miscellaneous business / etc.

Please consult about a trouble anything. Kind correspondence is boast with sincerity and a smiling face. And yor’s privacy protection and secret are protected firmly.(About privacy

Please consult anything also except the following business.

★ Customer service Please call the customer service to us now.

Telephone number:0463-32-0681


◆ Computer

Setup PC & Connection setup Web & Mail

Personal computer operating consultants

Web site work(It displays in another window)

Picture processing and invitation creation

(Windows7 / 8.1 / 10)

◆ Help

Disused article disposal

Miscellaneous(odd-job)-business help

Gardening, such as care, disinfection, etc. of the yard

Nest extermination of a bee

Get in a line(line up in order)

Personal shopper

Replacemen of visit a grave

Service of conversation partner


Vacant house management

Pet-sitting Pet care

Massage and rub a shoulder

◆ Repair

Repair of clear the clog and water leak

Reformation and repair of a house

Repair of a bicycle

◆ Cleaning

Air-conditioner cleaning

House cleaning

High-pressure washing and high temperature steam cleaning

◆ access

Sincere work is considered as the reasonable charge from a customer’s viewpoint. If it may not understand, please do not hesitate to consult!

★ Customer service Please call the customer service to us now.

Telephone number:0463-32-0681


An owner’s comment

I began this utility man’s work and became about ten years. Before beginning this utility man’s work, I was doing work of business by the salaried worker for about 20 years.

I understood after doing work of business. Don’t pay money, unless a customer is satisfied with goods or service. On the contrary, money will be paid if a customer is satisfied with goods or service.

And I knew that I would also be satisfied, when the customer was satisfied. Also after beginning this work, it is completely the same as former work, and it becomes very glad when customer said “Thanks for help!”

I prize highly the word “sincerity.” I value this language from now on.

The Shonan Helpers’s owner : Masaru Shimbo
lucky day January, 2008

Kanagawa Public Safety Commission Antiquary business license: No452680000751(The Shonan-helpers)

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