Conversation partner

Service of conversation partner


Your trouble, a grumble, dissatisfaction, etc. talk and we act as a partner. Worries-and-troubles consultation that nobody can be told. Unrequited love consultation, Old someone to talk with, etc.

Business area:Kanagawa-ken Hiratsuka-city, Oiso-twon, Ninomiya-twon, Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city, Atsugi-city.

We help out on the conversation with you

I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. By talking, divert oneself, or I arrange an own idea, or do the help turned in the direction which solves worries and troubles.

★ Customer service Please call the customer service to us now.

The charge of collocutor

1) Basic charge:2,000yen

2) Speech partner of charge One hour: 3,000yen

3) Business trip charge

◇Hiratsuka city, Oiso-twon, and Ninomiya-twon are no charge.

Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city are 3,000yen

(Except, Request time, it becomes no charge for 4 hours or more, and 3 hours are 1,000yen, 2 hours are 2,000yen.)

Please ask others.

A charge becomes the total amount of 1)+2)+3).

I prize the word of being sincere. I hear your talk kindly.

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