Air-conditioner cleaning

Air-conditioner cleaning


The inside of an air-conditioner is dirty from mold, ticks, etc. The inside of an air-conditioner is cleaned finely.

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The charg of air-conditioner cleaning

(1) Air-conditioner cleaning (Wall tapestry type interior unit)

from 8,900yen

1:A filter is taken out, and it washes, cleans and cleans up.

2:It is carefully recuperated so that water may not be poured on the apparatus inside an air-conditioner. And the removed main part cover of an air-conditioner is cleaned.

3:It covers with an exclusive air-conditioner cover for washing.

4:The cooling fan and ventilation fan inside an air-conditioner are cleaned with special cleaning fluid.

5:It washes away well and the water on which pressure was put cleans.

6:A protecting agent is sprayed to an aluminum fin.

7:The cover of the main part of an air-conditioner is cleaned, is attached, and it is an end.

(2)Cleaning of an air-conditioner exterior unit

from 9,500yen

If an air-conditioner exterior unit becomes dirty, thermal efficiency will worsen.

※(1)+(2)=Air-conditioner cleaning(The unit price of an interior unit + exterior unit(Wall tapestry type))

from 15,900yen

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We recommend you periodical cleaning.

On the plus side

1:It is profitable at periodic service discount.

2:When dirt becomes severe, much money is needed for cleaning.

3:Safe to an annual schedule

4::Since it cleans before dirt becomes severe, it is not necessary to use powerful detergent etc. abundantly, and does not apply a burden to a material.

5:It is OK, whenever it may always be beautiful, and may be pleasant and the visitor may come.

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