Get in a line

Get in a line(line up in order)


We execute a turn row by proxy instead of busy you. (The application of a kindergarten, A ticket, etc.)

Business area:Kanagawa-ken

Price list of get in a line

We stand in a line instead of you. (waiting in line)

★ Customer service Please call the customer service to us now.

■Charge of get in a line

1) Basic charge

◇Charge of daylight hours from8AM to8PM
12 hours:15,000yen
6 hours:9,000yen
3 hours:5,000yen
Plus 1 hour:1,250yen

◇Charge of during the hours of darkness from8PM to8AM
12 hours:20,000yen
6 hours:12,000yen
3 hours:7,500yen
Plus 1 hour:1,700yen

2) Transportation expenses of the round trip to the place

3) Business trip charge

◇Hiratsuka city, Oiso-twon, and Ninomiya-twon are 1,500yen

◇Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city are 3,000yen

◇Kanagawa within the prefecture other than the above are plus 5,000yen.

But, In the case of 24 hours or more, traveling expenses become Les 50%. In the case of 48 hours or more, traveling expenses become no charge. )

■Guidance of the charge of reservation cancellation (cancellation fee), and the charge of change.
◇Before from two weeks to one month=10% of all charges
◇Before from one week to two weeks=20% of all charges
◇Before from Three days to one week=30% of all charges
◇Before from one day to Three days=40% of all charges
◇Before one day=50% of all charges
◇Request day=90% of all charges

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