Care for your family of child.


When having had sudden something to do, I’d like to leave my child.Additionally the child’s kindergarten and nursery school work as the maid who reduces your busy seriousness working at child care and work welcoming and sending off of after-school care and a lesson.

Business area:Kanagawa-ken Hiratsuka-city, Oiso-twon, Ninomiya-twon, Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city, Atsugi-city.

Care of affection, safety and fun time.

We’ll keep your treasure child in the affection, the safety and fun time. And we’re working sincerely.

The charge of babysitters & childcare

1) Basic charge:2,000yen

2) Work of babysitters & childcare:1 hour = from 1,500yen

3)Business trip expense: Hiratsuka-city, Oiso-twon, and Ninomiya-twon are no charge.

Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara, Hadano-city, and Atsugi-city are plus 3,000yen.

(Except, Request time, it becomes no charge for 4 hours or more, and 3 hours are 1,000yen, 2 hours are 2,000yen.)

Please ask others.

A charge becomes the total amount of 1)+2)+3). Please consult about it for other.

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