Nest extermination of a bee

Nest extermination of a bee


If early summer comes, it is a beehive small to under the eaves of a house, or a garden tree. A beehive becomes large rapidly soon.

When a beehive is small, it can exterminate comparatively easily. However, if a beehive becomes large, the number of bees will also increase, and extermination will become difficult if it is not a special contractor.

Danger is accompanied by nest extermination of a bee. Especially the work of a height is dangerous.

Please request nest extermination of a bee from us.

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The charge of nest extermination of a bee

A charge changes according to those conditions(The number of bees. The size of a nest. Nest building place. Height. Difficult part work. etc.).

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The kind of bee The charges
Honeybee(Apidae) from 8,000yen
Paper wasp(Vespidae) from 9,800yen
Hornet(Yellow jacket) from 12,800yen
Investigation and advice from 12,800yen

The above-mentioned expenses are transportation expenses and a charge including tax.


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