Reformation and repair

Reformation and repair of a house


Repair, reformation, etc. of the inside and outside of a house

Business area:Kanagawa-ken Hiratsuka-city, Oiso-twon, Ninomiya-twon, Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city, Atsugi-city.

Reformation and repair of a house

Repair leaked and got blocked, re-covering of a screen door, and a crossing flooring, etc. I accept at clear technology and a reasonable charge!

– Example of repairing in a house and reform –

Exchange of a light bulb / Installation of an illuminator and exchange / Installation of a curtain rail / Installation of the furniture fall prevention equipment / Repairing and exchange of a hot and cold water mix cap in a kitchen, a bathroom and a restroom / Repairing and exchange of a waterworks faucet / Exchange of the shower head hose / Repairing and exchange of a gutter / Additionally please consult.


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The charge of reformation and repair of a house

Re-covering of a screen door One sheet: from 3,000yen

In order in Hiratsuka-city, Oiso-twon, and Ninomiya-twon of only one sheet, charge of business trip 2,000yen becomes brass.

Chigasaki-city, Samukawa-twon, Isehara-city, Hadano-city, and Atsugi-city have accepted from four or more sheets.

In addition, please consult about anything.

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