masaru のすべての投稿

庭の手入れ Yard maintenance

The tree in customer’s garden developed to a roof and wire the other day, and a customer commissioned me to prune.

A grandmother lived there by herself before. But After she had died, a garden started to be a jungle. First I couldn’t go to the inside in a garden.

I was asked the grandmother’s daughter who lives at the other. An old person of living alone became very much for our customer recently.

庭の手入れ Yard maintenance

リンゴの花が咲いたあと After a flower of apple bloomed.

I knew Mr. Akinori Kimura who is to cultivating apple without agricultural chemicals and fertilizer. I bought the book of “After a flower of apple bloomed” and read an interest more than before.

The contents which completely reaped no harvest and walked the suffering way for nearly 10 years were written on the book until perfect organic made fertilizer-less apple cultivation succeed. I was surprised what he has really wonderful faith.

I thought the earth and man were polluted, if we kept using agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer, written on a book.

犬のペットシッター Pet sitter of a dog

I’m looking after the customer’s pet dog which is under care for nearly 19 years during the New Year holiday. But the dog was a senile one, and an eye wasn’t seen any more at all.

The dog has an appetite and when I don’t also make the hollow a walk, he is crashed, but he walk vigorously. He’s still fine. But he doesn’t run so that it may fly like young time.

It’s same as the time when he’s young that he doesn’t get away with me.

犬のペットシッター Pet sitter of a dog

夏の庭 The Friends

This movie starts from the place where the odd fellow’s aged people who live in the neighborhood children seem to die soon where (Mr Kihachi:Mikuni Rentarou) are observed.

But an exchange of aged people and children starts gradually, and they become familiar. I was seeing the exchange with warm heart of children and aged people, and a heart calmed down very much.

失敗の本質 Failed kind

The book on which the thing to the old Japanese military’s losing a battle is written. Many people found right. But they couldn’t give their opinion.

If saying a right thing, they would be killed and have a cruel experience. I keep hoping saying I look back to failed history of the old Japanese military, and doesn’t fail similarly again.

ウニの刺 sea urchin spine

When going windsurfing yesterday, when putting on a foot in the bottom of the sea, I felt the pain a little. I thought I was injured in the foot a little by a submarine rock. But I didn’t see that.

Even if it was this morning, it was a little painful, so I saw my sole of foot. Then 3 bitings of sea urchin stuck in my foot. First I tried to take it by tweezers, but it didn’t come easily, so I shocked by scissors and took it.

But I was very enjoy for windsurfing yesterday.



ワンちゃんのお世話 Care of a dog

I’m pet-sitting customer’s 2 dogs from several days before. I got a lot of assistance from this customer more than the before when “Shonan Helpers” has been started.

My customer asked for a long pet sitter for customer’s daughter to hold a wedding ceremony overseas this time. I was under care more than the before when customer’s daughter is born. I’m surprised at earliness time passes.

A human person lives more lengthily than a dog. When I think of the customer’s dog which died, I’m lonely like when my dog died. A dog is also running in the my room today.


薬に頼らず血圧を下げる方法 The way not to depend on medicine and to lower the blood pressure

I taking care of myself, so I often read a book about health. I think all happy bases are healthy. I think that when I’m not healthy, I can’t be happy to a person around.

When I’m convinced the thing written in the book, I’ll try that. And when it’s a good result, it’s put in my life.

I take almost no medicine. I take nourishment with sleep, and wait myself to become in good health.

ANAの口ぐせ Thing ANA says all the time.

I like ANA(All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.). A staff of ANA also even is very kind to us and welcomes with a nice smiling face in the airplane at the airport.

I had to reserve a seat of an airplane by a family vacation the other day support it to the female with the student apprentice’s name tag. After that if we were walking to the boarding gate to board an airplane, the lady a short while ago was running to us.

When I heard talk for its female, it was said that they were looking for us because I made a mistake in the correspondence a short while ago. Its female was the really sorry state. We were very grateful to see that.

After that this book was found at a bookstore. Everyone of ANA were always answering with a smiling face with a pleasant smile or interest lasted, and why was this book bought and read? And there were many things which are also very useful for my work.

お墓参りに行ってきました。 I went to a visit to a grave today.

While it was work, I went to a visit to family grave today. It was slightly cold in the morning, but if a grave was cleaned, and weeding was done, it became sweats.

My family and relative’s person frequently come to there, so our grave is so beautiful. I think my parents are glad. Of course, I’m the ungrateful child who is most…I repent it.