ANAの口ぐせ Thing ANA says all the time.

I like ANA(All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.). A staff of ANA also even is very kind to us and welcomes with a nice smiling face in the airplane at the airport.

I had to reserve a seat of an airplane by a family vacation the other day support it to the female with the student apprentice’s name tag. After that if we were walking to the boarding gate to board an airplane, the lady a short while ago was running to us.

When I heard talk for its female, it was said that they were looking for us because I made a mistake in the correspondence a short while ago. Its female was the really sorry state. We were very grateful to see that.

After that this book was found at a bookstore. Everyone of ANA were always answering with a smiling face with a pleasant smile or interest lasted, and why was this book bought and read? And there were many things which are also very useful for my work.


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