久しぶりに大磯海岸で波乗り I went surfing at Oiso beach after such a long time.

I finished work today and went surfing by Oiso coast. The wave size downed a little from yesterday, but surfing could be enjoyed for about 3 hours by a wave size which is about a stomach or waist.

It was really after a long time to surf at Oiso, and I was be accosted by several surfers. When I was changing into a wet suit first, a old boy of surfing has spoken to me. And 3 surfers spoke to me at a sea. And when I changed my clothes came back my car, and a old boy has spoken to me.

It’s because I was not go surfing at Oiso in a long time while.



台風スウェルで波乗りをエンジョイ!I was enjoy for surfing in typhoon swell!

I enjoyed riding the waves for about 2 hours between work today. Some waves of a typhoon came in beautifully by a set without effect of a wind. So I enjoyed surfing by a powerful wave.

I’d like to make a good windsurfing early. So windsurfing makes me more important than surfing. But surfing can be enjoyed easily by only one board. And it’s a pleasant sensation to drop in the wave as like sashay down slopes.


楽しいウインドサーフィン Fan and fan of windsurfing

My friend took the picture going my windsurfing the other day. It has passed for 3 years and a half since I began windsurfing this month. It was fun and fun. And 3 years and a half have passed suddenly.

When I was to going a first planing of windsurfing, I felt wonderful surprise and the pleasant sensation which can’t be expressed. A board does a lift only by the power of the wind, and It run through surface of the sea only by a fin so that like slip. There was no experience which is its state for me, so it seemed that all over the my body was wrapped in an ecstasy.

Now, being no accidents safely for me, I go windsurfing.


ギニアビサウの女の子から手紙が届きました I have received a letter from girl of Guinea-Bissau

I have received a letter from a corresponding girl of Guinea-Bissau. And I wrote a letter for her. A first letter had a picture of her and her mother. This letter has a picture of her and her aunt.

She said that she likes science at an elementary school, early in the morning hot and it’ll become cool for night, she likes a maid of profit of her parents’ cashew nuts, and others on her letter.

I wish that she can draw her dream freely.

世界でもっとも貧しい大統領 ホセ・ムヒカの言葉 Jose Mujica: The world’s ‘poorest’ president

Before, I watched an introduction documentary program of Mr Jose Mujica on television. After, I heard that several speeches with internet and I was impressed with that.

信念と優しさ、考え方にとても感銘していました。そして先日、本屋さんでこの本を見つけて読みました。I was quite impressed with his faith, gentleness and way of thinking. I found and read this book at a bookstore the other day.

自然の中でゆったりした大事な時間を過ごすことが人間にとって幸せに生きる条件のように思えます。I think it’s the condition to live happily for man to spend comfortable important time in the nature.

桜の木とウグイス Cherry tree and Japanese bush warbler


I heard that a bush warbler cried for the first time this year yesterday. If I saw a big cherry tree under the my house today, It had begun to bloom a little. It was a cold day recently, but it’s a little warm this morning and today is the day when spring is felt.


サイパンでウインドサーフィン Enjoyed for windsurfing in Saipan.

I went to Saipan to go windsurfing last week. The morning on the 1st day was a weak wind. But other 3 days were a very good wind, and we could enjoy windsurfing very much.

A sea and a coast are very beautiful in Saipan. When I was doing a planing of windsurfing, It’s makes me in an ecstasy. Forever, I thought I’d like to keep running.When I ran and went out to the offing for a while, the color of the sea changed to the cobalt color. I was moved and dived from a boat into a sea unconsciously. I was looking at the scenery of the others for a few minutes.

But opening is constructing in March in Saipan, there was a big hotel strangely. I thought it was incongruous in Saipan at the hotel where a casino is also here. I hope not to destroy beautiful nature of sea and coast in Saipan.



老いるほど血管が強くなる健康法 How to health a blood vessel becomes so strong in which that getting old.



There is a lot of sickness which happens with trouble of a blood vessel. I read various related books. So this time, I bought and read the book published newly “How to health a blood vessel becomes so strong in which that getting old. (author: Kazutomo Minami).

I could have more much knowledge by this book. I’d like to enjoy my life of do a job and go surfing and go windsurfing and other thing and health!

人間の運命 Human destiny




Mr. Hiroyuki Itsuki who is an author of this book “human destiny” met Japan’s defeat in the war by North Korea around a child and was returning to Japan barely escape alive. Many Japanese lost their life. I feel destiny hard.

When I looking back to my life, I had a serious injury, hemiplegia and the situation maybe which was dead several times. I think I’m really lucky.

It’s written in this book, “I live with a flow of destiny, not to be toyed with by destiny.”, but I had an impression very much.

ビリギャル Dunce girl




I thought it was imagined from the title of this movie, and it was so funny movie. And when I began to see a movie, the situation at which I laugh was much. But it was being felt gradually that I understand truth of the maker’idea of this movie.

It doesn’t judge a people by exterior and stereotype and prejudice. It’s wonderful and importance of a person’s making an effort to the target. I was very impressed by the character to which they can say a way of thinking of the good thing and the bad thing in a main character’girl and her mother of basic thinking.

This movie made me fight with spirit.